Stefan Roberts

I am a public policy consultant living in London. I work for Hanbury Strategy, where I get to advise some of the world's most exciting companies on how to partner and communicate with governments. I used to work for the UK Government on zero emission vehicles, and before that on a range of UK climate, tech and housing issues. Before entering the world of policy, I was (briefly) training to be an opera singer and spent many years as a choral singer in various places.

Email me: I'm keen to meet people with shared interests. Book a virtual coffee with me.

Things I'm interested in:

I hangout on X/Twitter a lot. I'm less active on Instagram. I have various private projects on Github but feel free to connect with me there as well.

In my spare time, I occasionally help people build Shopify websites. I'm always learning a new coding language, at the moment it's React.

A 30 year old man with blonde hair and a bear, wearing glasses, a white t-shirt and a red shirt in front of a blue background.